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32913120 McClafferty H et al. Site specific deacylation by ABHD17a controls BK channel splice variant activity. Abstract 2020 0
32916275 Suzuki K et al. The promoting role of lysosome-localized c-Src in autophagosome-lysosome fusion. Abstract 2020 0
32838949 Xu Z et al. S-palmitoylation of swine interferon-inducible transmembrane protein is essential for its anti-JEV activity. Abstract 2020 1
32958780 Hao JW et al. CD36 facilitates fatty acid uptake by dynamic palmitoylation-regulated endocytosis. Abstract 2020 1
32958558 Collura KM et al. The palmitoyl acyltransferases ZDHHC5 and ZDHHC8 are uniquely present in DRG axons and control retrograde signaling via the Gp130/JAK/STAT3 pathway. Abstract 2020 2
32845322 Hane M et al. Human-specific Microglial Siglec-11 Transcript Variant has the Potential to affect Polysialic Acid-Mediated Brain Functions at a Distance. Abstract 2020 1
32395856 Wang X et al. A protein palmitoylation cascade regulates microtubule cytoskeleton integrity in Plasmodium. Abstract 2020 1
32248222 Ning W et al. GPS-Palm: a deep learning-based graphic presentation system for the prediction of S-palmitoylation sites in proteins. Abstract 2020 0
32259481 Li Q et al. Lats1/2 Sustain Intestinal Stem Cells and Wnt Activation through TEAD-Dependent and Independent Transcription. Abstract 2020 4
32279353 Sarkar C et al. Cln1-mutations suppress Rab7-RILP interaction and impair autophagy contributing to neuropathology in a mouse model of infantile neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis. Abstract 2020 3
32283203 Bekhouche B et al. A toxic palmitoylation of Cdc42 enhances NF-κB signaling and drives a severe autoinflammatory syndrome. 2020 0
32332165 Yang HQ et al. Palmitoylation of the K<sub>ATP</sub> channel Kir6.2 subunit promotes channel opening by regulating PIP<sub>2</sub> sensitivity. Abstract 2020 2
32331396 Uppal S et al. Palmitoylation of Metazoan Carotenoid Oxygenases. Abstract 2020 1
20416930 Rocks O et al. The palmitoylation machinery is a spatially organizing system for peripheral membrane proteins. Abstract 2010 0
32219446 Zambetti NA et al. Genetic disruption of N-RasG12D palmitoylation perturbs hematopoiesis and prevents myeloid transformation in mice. Abstract 2020 1
32414916 Khoury MJ et al. Distinct activities of Scrib module proteins organize epithelial polarity. Abstract 2020 1
32129829 Amanakis G et al. Cysteine 202 of Cyclophilin D is a site of multiple post-translational modifications and plays a role in cardioprotection. Abstract 2020 2
32468006 Chong LW et al. Targeting protein palmitoylation decreases palmitate‑induced sphere formation of human liver cancer cells. Abstract 2020 0
32499447 Sun C et al. LncRNA PVT1 promotes exosome secretion through YKT6, RAB7, and VAMP3 in pancreatic cancer. Abstract 2020 0
22753418 Bastin G et al. Amino-terminal cysteine residues differentially influence RGS4 protein plasma membrane targeting, intracellular trafficking, and function. Abstract 2012 1
32502414 Nelson JC et al. Acute Regulation of Habituation Learning via Posttranslational Palmitoylation. Abstract 2020 1
32503841 Bouza AA et al. Sodium channel β1 subunits are post-translationally modified by tyrosine phosphorylation, <i>S</i>-palmitoylation, and regulated intramembrane proteolysis. Abstract 2020 2
32513719 Marinko JT et al. Peripheral myelin protein 22 preferentially partitions into ordered phase membrane domains. Abstract 2020 1
32521252 Gök C et al. Dynamic Palmitoylation of the Sodium-Calcium Exchanger Modulates Its Structure, Affinity for Lipid-Ordered Domains, and Inhibition by XIP. Abstract 2020 2
32555380 Li W et al. An oncogenic viral interferon regulatory factor upregulates CUB domain-containing protein 1 to promote angiogenesis by hijacking transcription factor lymphoid enhancer-binding factor 1 and metastasis suppressor CD82. Abstract 2020 1
32233916 Wei X et al. Endothelial Palmitoylation Cycling Coordinates Vessel Remodeling in Peripheral Artery Disease. Abstract 2020 3
32620775 Castanon I et al. Wnt-controlled sphingolipids modulate Anthrax Toxin Receptor palmitoylation to regulate oriented mitosis in zebrafish. Abstract 2020 1
32651440 Morrison E et al. Dynamic palmitoylation events following T-cell receptor signaling. Abstract 2020 2
32737405 Plain F et al. Control of protein palmitoylation by regulating substrate recruitment to a zDHHC-protein acyltransferase. Abstract 2020 2
32342554 Kilian N et al. Palmitoylated Proteins in Plasmodium falciparum-Infected Erythrocytes: Investigation with Click Chemistry and Metabolic Labeling. Abstract 2020 0
32281973 Speca DJ et al. Acyl-PEGyl Exchange Gel Shift Assay for Quantitative Determination of Palmitoylation of Brain Membrane Proteins. Abstract 2020 1
32332857 Hu L et al. Chemotherapy-induced pyroptosis is mediated by BAK/BAX-caspase-3-GSDME pathway and inhibited by 2-bromopalmitate. Abstract 2020 0
32312867 Liu S et al. Adipose Triglyceride Lipase Is a Key Lipase for the Mobilization of Lipid Droplets in Human β-Cells and Critical for the Maintenance of Syntaxin 1a Levels in β-Cells. Abstract 2020 1
32181977 Neviani V et al. Site-specific functionality and tryptophan mimicry of lipidation in tetraspanin CD9. Abstract 2020 1
32317281 Salaun C et al. The linker domain of the SNARE protein SNAP25 acts as a flexible molecular spacer that ensures efficient S-acylation. Abstract 2020 1
32184353 Gorinski N et al. DHHC7-mediated palmitoylation of the accessory protein barttin critically regulates the functions of ClC-K chloride channels. Abstract 2020 2
32139877 De Piano M et al. Lipogenic signalling modulates prostate cancer cell adhesion and migration via modification of Rho GTPases. Abstract 2020 1
32161114 Pan Y et al. S-palmitoylation of the sodium channel Nav1.6 regulates its activity and neuronal excitability. Abstract 2020 2
32079676 Oda Y et al. The extracellular domain of angulin-1 and palmitoylation of its cytoplasmic region are required for angulin-1 assembly at tricellular contacts. Abstract 2020 2
32061750 Poliakov E et al. Evolutionary aspects and enzymology of metazoan carotenoid cleavage oxygenases. Abstract 2020 1
32042150 Naseri NN et al. Aggregation of mutant cysteine string protein-α via Fe-S cluster binding is mitigated by iron chelators. Abstract 2020 0
31935590 Gök C et al. Regulation of NCX1 by palmitoylation. Abstract 2020 0
31547976 Chen JJ et al. DHHC5 Mediates β-Adrenergic Signaling in Cardiomyocytes by Targeting Gα Proteins. Abstract 2020 4
32003970 Siddiqui M et al. Protein S-palmitoylation is responsive to external signals and plays a regulatory role in microneme secretion in Plasmodium falciparum merozoites. Abstract 2020 1
31982508 Harris M et al. BCAT-induced autophagy regulates Aβ load through an interdependence of redox state and PKC phosphorylation-implications in Alzheimer's disease. Abstract 2020 1
31958897 Dilly A et al. Rational application of targeted therapeutics in mucinous colon/appendix cancers with positive predictive factors. Abstract 2020 1
31854448 Chumpen Ramirez S et al. PtdIns4P-mediated electrostatic forces influence S-acylation of peripheral proteins at the Golgi complex. Abstract 2020 1
31812495 Hong C et al. TRPC5 channel instability induced by depalmitoylation protects striatal neurons against oxidative stress in Huntington's disease. Abstract 2020 1
26174834 Reilly L et al. Palmitoylation of the Na/Ca exchanger cytoplasmic loop controls its inactivation and internalization during stress signaling. Abstract 2015 7
31919451 Jedličková I et al. Autosomal-dominant adult neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis caused by duplication in DNAJC5 initially missed by Sanger and whole-exome sequencing. Abstract 2020 0
31875564 Asciolla JJ et al. Hedgehog Acyltransferase Promotes Uptake of Palmitoyl-CoA across the Endoplasmic Reticulum Membrane. Abstract 2019 2
31872235 Gadalla MR et al. Hemagglutinin of Influenza A, but not of Influenza B and C viruses is acylated by ZDHHC2, 8, 15 and 20. Abstract 2019 3
31829135 Doucet J et al. Investigations into a putative role for the novel BRASSIKIN pseudokinases in compatible pollen-stigma interactions in Arabidopsis thaliana. Abstract 2019 2
31827279 Amendola CR et al. KRAS4A directly regulates hexokinase 1. Abstract 2019 0
31826928 Benfield CT et al. Bat IFITM3 restriction depends on S-palmitoylation and a polymorphic site within the CD225 domain. Abstract 2020 1
31622854 Lu W et al. Discovery and biological evaluation of vinylsulfonamide derivatives as highly potent, covalent TEAD autopalmitoylation inhibitors. Abstract 2019 0
31202864 Hilgemann DW et al. On the existence of endocytosis driven by membrane phase separations. Abstract 2020 0
31792032 Eschenbrenner E et al. TspanC8 tetraspanins differentially regulate ADAM10 endocytosis and half-life. Abstract 2020 1
31772009 Wegleiter T et al. Palmitoylation of BMPR1a regulates neural stem cell fate. Abstract 2019 0
31747610 Shimell JJ et al. The X-Linked Intellectual Disability Gene Zdhhc9 Is Essential for Dendrite Outgrowth and Inhibitory Synapse Formation. Abstract 2019 2
31744930 Sada R et al. Dynamic palmitoylation controls the microdomain localization of the DKK1 receptors CKAP4 and LRP6. Abstract 2019 3
31740833 Cao Y et al. ABHD10 is an S-depalmitoylase affecting redox homeostasis through peroxiredoxin-5. Abstract 2019 8
31637934 Stapel B et al. Fluoxetine induces glucose uptake and modifies glucose transporter palmitoylation in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells. Abstract 2019 2
31631010 Ko PJ et al. A ZDHHC5-GOLGA7 Protein Acyltransferase Complex Promotes Nonapoptotic Cell Death. Abstract 2019 1
31597774 Wu MJ et al. Palmitoylation of the hepatitis C virus NS2 regulates its subcellular localization and NS2-NS3 autocleavage. Abstract 2019 1
31577124 Azizi SA et al. Activity-Based Sensing of <i>S</i>-Depalmitoylases: Chemical Technologies and Biological Discovery. Abstract 2019 0
31570756 Guo F et al. Recent BCR stimulation induces a negative autoregulatory loop via FBXO10 mediated degradation of HGAL. Abstract 2019 1
31125679 Verma A et al. 24R,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D<sub>3</sub> regulates breast cancer cells in vitro and in vivo. Abstract 2019 0
31276983 Shu L et al. Comprehensive characterization and proteoform analysis of the hydrophobic surfactant proteins B and C in calf pulmonary surfactant. Abstract 2019 1
31477731 Gorinski N et al. Attenuated palmitoylation of serotonin receptor 5-HT1A affects receptor function and contributes to depression-like behaviors. Abstract 2019 7
31429100 Goloshvili G et al. Sodium nitroprusside induces H-Ras depalmitoylation and alters the cellular response to hypoxia in differentiated and undifferentiated PC12 cells. Abstract 2019 1
31427815 Kim YC et al. Toll-like receptor mediated inflammation requires FASN-dependent MYD88 palmitoylation. Abstract 2019 1
31406958 Chen WH et al. A tetraspanin gene regulating auxin response and affecting orchid perianth size and various plant developmental processes. Abstract 2019 1
31402609 Woodley KT et al. S-acylated Golga7b stabilises DHHC5 at the plasma membrane to regulate cell adhesion. Abstract 2019 1
31382980 Zingler P et al. Palmitoylation is required for TNF-R1 signaling. Abstract 2019 2
31362018 Murthy A et al. Dynamic palmitoylation regulates trafficking of K channel interacting protein 2 (KChIP2) across multiple subcellular compartments in cardiac myocytes. Abstract 2019 1
31351078 Xu S et al. von Hippel-Lindau Protein Maintains Metabolic Balance to Regulate the Survival of Naive B Lymphocytes. Abstract 2019 1
31337710 Jiang M et al. S-Palmitoylation of junctophilin-2 is critical for its role in tethering the sarcoplasmic reticulum to the plasma membrane. Abstract 2019 2
31311849 Zaręba-Kozioł M et al. Stress-induced changes in the S-palmitoylation and S-nitrosylation of synaptic proteins. Abstract 2019 3
31251020 Zhou B et al. Low-background Acyl-biotinyl Exchange Largely Eliminates the Co-isolation of Non-S-acylated Proteins and Enables Deep S-acylproteomic Analysis. Abstract 2019 2
31213527 Duncan PJ et al. <i>S</i>-Acylation controls functional coupling of BK channel pore-forming α-subunits and β1-subunits. Abstract 2019 2
31189538 Shah BS et al. Regulation of dendrite morphology and excitatory synapse formation by zDHHC15. Abstract 2019 1
31184863 Barylko B et al. Myristoylation-Dependent Palmitoylation of the Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Adaptor FRS2α. Abstract 2019 2
31149635 Yang S et al. Control of antiviral innate immune response by protein geranylgeranylation. Abstract 2019 1
31142470 Xiong X et al. Acid Sphingomyelinase regulates the localization and trafficking of palmitoylated proteins. Abstract 2019 3
31121829 Thomas R et al. Kinase-Inactivated EGFR Is Required for the Survival of Wild-Type EGFR-Expressing Cancer Cells Treated with Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors. Abstract 2019 0
31092599 Wang XP et al. Murine epithelial sodium (Na+) channel regulation by biliary factors. Abstract 2019 0
31043565 Kim NG et al. Cell contact and Nf2/Merlin-dependent regulation of TEAD palmitoylation and activity. Abstract 2019 2
31005258 Yin H et al. Intraviral interactome of Chikungunya virus reveals the homo-oligomerization and palmitoylation of structural protein TF. Abstract 2019 1
31001086 Sanders SS et al. mTORC1 Signaling Is Palmitoylation-Dependent in Hippocampal Neurons and Non-neuronal Cells and Involves Dynamic Palmitoylation of LAMTOR1 and mTOR. Abstract 2019 1
30965003 Bolland DE et al. Palmitoylation by Multiple DHHC Enzymes Enhances Dopamine Transporter Function and Stability. Abstract 2019 4
30946007 Koster KP et al. Developmental NMDA receptor dysregulation in the infantile neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis mouse model. Abstract 2019 1
30952982 Yao H et al. Inhibiting PD-L1 palmitoylation enhances T-cell immune responses against tumours. Abstract 2019 2
30914943 Chowdhury D et al. Ca<sup>2+</sup>/Calmodulin Binding to PSD-95 Downregulates Its Palmitoylation and AMPARs in Long-Term Depression. Abstract 2019 1
30914787 Uppal S et al. The dual roles of RPE65 S-palmitoylation in membrane association and visual cycle function. Abstract 2019 2
30852269 Ramsey J et al. Domains of the TF protein important in regulating its own palmitoylation. Abstract 2019 1
30846936 Kang R et al. Altered Regulation of Striatal Neuronal <i>N</i>-Methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor Trafficking by Palmitoylation in Huntington Disease Mouse Model. Abstract 2019 2
30723923 Shi Y et al. Exosomal IFITM2 transmitted to DCs inhibits IFNα pathway activation and blocks anti-HBV efficacy of exogenous IFNα. Abstract 2019 2
30842471 Martin DDO et al. Identification of Novel Inhibitors of DLK Palmitoylation and Signaling by High Content Screening. Abstract 2019 1
30761251 Yadav P et al. Plasmodium palmitoylation machinery engineered in <i>E. coli</i> for high-throughput screening of palmitoyl acyl-transferase inhibitors. Abstract 2019 0