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38016475 Zhang G et al. CPT1A induction following epigenetic perturbation promotes MAVS palmitoylation and activation to potentiate antitumor immunity. Abstract 2023 3
31663020 Boncompain G et al. Targeting CCR5 trafficking to inhibit HIV-1 infection. Abstract 2019 1
21767808 Hicks SW et al. Subcellular targeting of Salmonella virulence proteins by host-mediated S-palmitoylation. Abstract 2011 2
34374518 Hong JY et al. High-Throughput Enzyme Assay for Screening Inhibitors of the ZDHHC3/7/20 Acyltransferases. Abstract 2021 1
34342264 Greenlee JD et al. Oxaliplatin resistance in colorectal cancer enhances TRAIL sensitivity via death receptor 4 upregulation and lipid raft localization. Abstract 2021 1
38153358 Xu M et al. Palmitoyltransferase ZDHHC3 Aggravates Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis by Targeting S-Palmitoylated IRHOM2. 2023 2
28167757 Greaves J et al. Molecular basis of fatty acid selectivity in the zDHHC family of S-acyltransferases revealed by click chemistry. Abstract 2017 1
37774000 Puthenveetil R et al. Orthogonal Enzyme-Substrate Design Strategy for Discovery of Human Protein Palmitoyltransferase Substrates. Abstract 2023 1
37038141 Lin Z et al. Palmitoyl transferases act as novel drug targets for pancreatic cancer. Abstract 2023 1
37544908 Xu M et al. Palmitoyltransferase ZDHHC3 Aggravates Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis by Targeting S-Palmitoylated IRHOM2. Abstract 2023 2
35893977 Tang M et al. Structural Exploration on Palmitoyltransferase DHHC3 from <i>Homo sapiens</i>. Abstract 2022 1
38169466 Ni H et al. Cyclical palmitoylation regulates TLR9 signalling and systemic autoimmunity in mice. Abstract 2024 2
37926281 Baldwin TA et al. Palmitoylation-dependent regulation of cardiomyocyte Rac1 signaling activity and minor effects on cardiac hypertrophy. Abstract 2023 2
28057756 Du K et al. DHHC7 Palmitoylates Glucose Transporter 4 (Glut4) and Regulates Glut4 Membrane Translocation. Abstract 2017 3
36650170 Sandoz PA et al. Dynamics of CLIMP-63 S-acylation control ER morphology. Abstract 2023 1
35636613 Liu L et al. Astrocyte secretes IL-6 to modulate PSD-95 palmitoylation in basolateral amygdala and depression-like behaviors induced by peripheral nerve injury. Abstract 2022 3
37664599 Li MD et al. DHHC2 regulates fear memory formation, LTP, and AKAP150 signaling in the hippocampus. Abstract 2023 1
38107792 Shetty M et al. Dopamine transporter membrane mobility is bidirectionally regulated by phosphorylation and palmitoylation. Abstract 2023 1
37792001 Meng X et al. Palmitoylation of the hemagglutinin of influenza B virus by ER-localized DHHC enzymes 1, 2, 4, and 6 is required for efficient virus replication. Abstract 2023 0
37356718 Hernandez LM et al. Palmitoylation-dependent control of JAK1 kinase signaling governs responses to neuropoietic cytokines and survival in DRG neurons. Abstract 2023 2
37325411 Essandoh K et al. zDHHC9 Regulates Cardiomyocyte Rab3a Activity and Atrial Natriuretic Peptide Secretion Through Palmitoylation of Rab3gap1. Abstract 2023 3
37289075 Ma X et al. Palmitoylation at Residue C221 of Japanese Encephalitis Virus NS2A Protein Contributes to Viral Replication Efficiency and Virulence. Abstract 2023 1
37216691 Shao X et al. The palmitoyltransferase ZDHHC21 regulates oxidative phosphorylation to induce differentiation block and stemness in AML. Abstract 2023 1
37123274 Congreve SD et al. Palmitoylation regulates the magnitude of HCN4-mediated currents in mammalian cells. Abstract 2023 2
37099811 Harada K et al. S-Palmitoylation of the serotonin transporter promotes its cell surface expression and serotonin uptake. Abstract 2023 1
37078777 Sun Y et al. ZDHHC2-Mediated AGK Palmitoylation Activates AKT-mTOR Signaling to Reduce Sunitinib Sensitivity in Renal Cell Carcinoma. Abstract 2023 1
37064897 Gupta JP et al. Ankyrin-B is lipid-modified by <i>S</i>-palmitoylation to promote dendritic membrane scaffolding of voltage-gated sodium channel Na<sub>V</sub>1.2 in neurons. Abstract 2023 3
37075876 Zhang Q et al. Palmitoylation of RGS20 affects G&#x3b1;<sub>o</sub>-mediated signaling independent of its GAP activity. Abstract 2023 1
37010951 Koropouli E et al. Palmitoylation regulates neuropilin-2 localization and function in cortical neurons and conveys specificity to semaphorin signaling via palmitoyl acyltransferases. Abstract 2023 2
36969554 Piguel NH et al. Palmitoylation controls the stability of 190 kDa ankyrin-G in dendritic spines and is regulated by ZDHHC8 and lithium. Abstract 2023 1
36927399 Wang L et al. Palmitoylation promotes chaperone-mediated autophagic degradation of NLRP3 to modulate inflammation. Abstract 2023 1
36879822 Xue T et al. PPT1 regulation of HSP90&#x3b1; depalmitoylation participates in the pathogenesis of hyperandrogenism. Abstract 2023 2
35977495 Sun Y et al. S-palmitoylation of PCSK9 induces sorafenib resistance in liver cancer by activating the PI3K/AKT pathway. Abstract 2022 0
33462194 Mejias R et al. Increased novelty-induced locomotion, sensitivity to amphetamine, and extracellular dopamine in striatum of Zdhhc15-deficient mice. Abstract 2021 0
36711022 Lemari&#xe9; FL et al. Full-length huntingtin is palmitoylated at multiple sites and post-translationally myristoylated following caspase-cleavage. Abstract 2023 0
24651384 Sanders SS et al. Identification of binding sites in Huntingtin for the Huntingtin Interacting Proteins HIP14 and HIP14L. Abstract 2014 0
34390831 Lemari&#xe9; FL et al. Rescue of aberrant huntingtin palmitoylation ameliorates mutant huntingtin-induced toxicity. Abstract 2021 0
36586411 Wang L et al. Palmitoylation prevents sustained inflammation by limiting NLRP3 inflammasome activation through chaperone-mediated autophagy. Abstract 2023 3
36680184 Hu D et al. ZDHHC11 Suppresses Zika Virus Infections by Palmitoylating the Envelope Protein. Abstract 2023 0
21745643 Ho GP et al. S-nitrosylation and S-palmitoylation reciprocally regulate synaptic targeting of PSD-95. Abstract 2011 0
35492028 Yang S et al. KLF10 promotes nonalcoholic steatohepatitis progression through transcriptional activation of zDHHC7. Abstract 2022 0
36548985 Komaniecki G et al. Astrocyte Elevated Gene-1 Cys75 <i>S</i>-Palmitoylation by ZDHHC6 Regulates Its Biological Activity. Abstract 2023 0
36276642 Zhou B et al. The palmitoylation of AEG-1 dynamically modulates the progression of hepatocellular carcinoma. Abstract 2022 0
34111291 Lv K et al. Depalmitoylation rewires FLT3-ITD signaling and exacerbates leukemia progression. Abstract 2021 0
36865189 Balasubramanian A et al. Palmitoylation of gasdermin D directs its membrane translocation and pore formation in pyroptosis. Abstract 2023 0
34724258 Ma Y et al. DHHC5 facilitates oligodendrocyte development by palmitoylating and activating STAT3. Abstract 2022 0
36762613 Ozkan Kucuk NE et al. Cell cycle-dependent palmitoylation of protocadherin 7 by ZDHHC5 promotes successful cytokinesis. Abstract 2023 0
33758079 Shimell JJ et al. Regulation of hippocampal excitatory synapses by the Zdhhc5 palmitoyl acyltransferase. Abstract 2021 0
35231700 G&#xf6;k C et al. Insulin-induced palmitoylation regulates the Cardiac Na<sup>+</sup>/Ca<sup>2+</sup> exchanger NCX1. Abstract 2022 0
26418268 Fuller W et al. S-palmitoylation and the regulation of NCX1. 2016 0
33739454 Sadhukhan T et al. In a mouse model of INCL reduced S-palmitoylation of cytosolic thioesterase APT1 contributes to microglia proliferation and neuroinflammation. Abstract 2021 0
36027648 Gao X et al. Palmitoylation regulates cellular distribution of and transmembrane Ca flux through TrpM7. Abstract 2022 0
34961524 Zeng XT et al. The interactions of ZDHHC5/GOLGA7 with SARS-CoV-2 spike (S) protein and their effects on S protein's subcellular localization, palmitoylation and pseudovirus entry. Abstract 2021 0
35066577 Zhou L et al. Palmitoylation restricts SQSTM1/p62-mediated autophagic degradation of NOD2 to modulate inflammation. Abstract 2022 0
36277202 Main A et al. Dynamic but discordant alterations in zDHHC5 expression and palmitoylation of its substrates in cardiac pathologies. Abstract 2022 0
31649195 Lu Y et al. Palmitoylation of NOD1 and NOD2 is required for bacterial sensing. Abstract 2019 1
35150145 Mondal A et al. Ppt1-deficiency dysregulates lysosomal Ca<sup>++</sup> homeostasis contributing to pathogenesis in a mouse model of CLN1 disease. Abstract 2022 1
34530889 Lee JW et al. KAI1(CD82) is a key molecule to control angiogenesis and switch angiogenic milieu to quiescent state. Abstract 2021 0
22902780 Greaves J et al. Palmitoylation-induced aggregation of cysteine-string protein mutants that cause neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis. Abstract 2012 1
33037124 Locatelli C et al. Identification of key features required for efficient S-acylation and plasma membrane targeting of sprouty-2. Abstract 2020 1
35415819 Song J et al. The Palmitoylation/Depalmitoylation Cycle is Involved in the Inhibition of AMPA Receptor Trafficking Induced by Aluminum In Vitro. Abstract 2022 1
34665481 Xie F et al. Engineering Extracellular Vesicles Enriched with Palmitoylated ACE2 as COVID-19 Therapy. Abstract 2021 1
36087837 Salaun C et al. Development of a novel high-throughput screen for the identification of new inhibitors of protein S-acylation. Abstract 2022 0
34559357 Li Y et al. AKAP150 and its Palmitoylation Contributed to Pain Hypersensitivity Via Facilitating Synaptic Incorporation of GluA1-Containing AMPA Receptor in Spinal Dorsal Horn. Abstract 2021 1
34282274 Tang J et al. Cancer cells escape p53's tumor suppression through ablation of ZDHHC1-mediated p53 palmitoylation. Abstract 2021 1
34528721 Li D et al. Palmitoylation of SARS-CoV-2 S protein is critical for S-mediated syncytia formation and virus entry. Abstract 2022 1
34897408 Wu Y et al. ZDHHC19 localizes to the cell membrane of spermatids and is involved in spermatogenesis†. Abstract 2022 0
35396942 Roig SR et al. S-acylation-dependent membrane microdomain localization of the regulatory Kvβ2.1 subunit. Abstract 2022 0
34620861 Zhang Z et al. DHHC9-mediated GLUT1 S-palmitoylation promotes glioblastoma glycolysis and tumorigenesis. Abstract 2021 1
36063887 Niki Y et al. S-Palmitoylation of Tyrosinase at Cysteine<sup>500</sup> Regulates Melanogenesis. Abstract 2022 1
35813875 Tien CF et al. Glycosylation and S-palmitoylation regulate SARS-CoV-2 spike protein intracellular trafficking. Abstract 2022 1
35746795 Ma T et al. Palmitoylation Is Indispensable for Remorin to Restrict Tobacco Mosaic Virus Cell-to-Cell Movement in <i>Nicotiana benthamiana</i>. Abstract 2022 0
35732327 Kokabee M et al. Palmitoylation of the Alternative Amino Terminus of the BTK-C Isoform Controls Subcellular Distribution and Signaling. Abstract 2022 0
35727735 Chen X et al. Oct4A palmitoylation modulates tumorigenicity and stemness in human glioblastoma cells. Abstract 2022 0
35705139 Afrin S et al. Simvastatin reduces plasma membrane caveolae and caveolin-1 in uterine leiomyomas. Abstract 2022 0
35694507 Phukan H et al. Unique Posttranslational Modification Sites of Acetylation, Citrullination, Glutarylation, and Phosphorylation Are Found to Be Specific to the Proteins Partitioned in the Triton X-114 Fractions of <i>Leptospira</i>. Abstract 2022 0
35643222 Gal J et al. S-acylation regulates the membrane association and activity of Calpain-5. Abstract 2022 0
35638903 Vardar G et al. Syntaxin-1A modulates vesicle fusion in mammalian neurons via juxtamembrane domain dependent palmitoylation of its transmembrane domain. Abstract 2022 0
35606353 Zhao C et al. GSK3β palmitoylation mediated by ZDHHC4 promotes tumorigenicity of glioblastoma stem cells in temozolomide-resistant glioblastoma through the EZH2-STAT3 axis. Abstract 2022 1
35597282 Wirth A et al. Palmitoylation of the small GTPase Cdc42 by DHHC5 modulates spine formation and gene transcription. Abstract 2022 1
35477839 Gao J et al. Proteome-wide identification of palmitoylated proteins in mouse testis. 2022 2
34884899 Ziemlińska E et al. Palm Oil-Rich Diet Affects Murine Liver Proteome and <i>S</i>-Palmitoylome. 2021 2
34200797 Zaręba-Kozioł M et al. S-Palmitoylation of Synaptic Proteins as a Novel Mechanism Underlying Sex-Dependent Differences in Neuronal Plasticity. 2021 4
33782527 Ripamonti M et al. Structural and functional analysis of LIM domain-dependent recruitment of paxillin to αvβ3 integrin-positive focal adhesions. 2021 1
33848465 Pradhan AJ et al. Protein acylation by saturated very long chain fatty acids and endocytosis are involved in necroptosis. 2021 2
33636221 Miles MR et al. Global identification of S-palmitoylated proteins and detection of palmitoylating (DHHC) enzymes in heart. 2021 3
34769186 Uzbekova S et al. Protein Palmitoylation in Bovine Ovarian Follicle. 2021 1
35358180 Gorenberg EL et al. Identification of substrates of palmitoyl protein thioesterase 1 highlights roles of depalmitoylation in disulfide bond formation and synaptic function. 2022 2
33788965 Okui M et al. Posttranslational regulation of CALHM1/3 channel: N-linked glycosylation and S-palmitoylation. Abstract 2021 1
33891658 Zhang M et al. Palmitoylation of the envelope membrane proteins GP5 and M of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus is essential for virus growth. Abstract 2021 1
33873072 Gök C et al. Insights into the molecular basis of the palmitoylation and depalmitoylation of NCX1. Abstract 2021 1
33707782 Abrami L et al. Palmitoylated acyl protein thioesterase APT2 deforms membranes to extract substrate acyl chains. Abstract 2021 1
33659252 Blaustein M et al. Akt Is S-Palmitoylated: A New Layer of Regulation for Akt. Abstract 2021 1
33423045 Xia Z et al. GNA13 regulates BCL2 expression and the sensitivity of GCB-DLBCL cells to BCL2 inhibitors in a palmitoylation-dependent manner. Abstract 2021 1
33434576 Malgapo MIP et al. Metallo-β-Lactamase Domain-Containing Protein 2 (MBLAC2) is S-palmitoylated and exhibits acyl-CoA hydrolase activity. Abstract 2020 0
33375397 Chai K et al. Palmitoylation of the Bovine Foamy Virus Envelope Glycoprotein Is Required for Viral Replication. Abstract 2020 1
33310888 Nguyen HT et al. Spike glycoprotein and host cell determinants of SARS-CoV-2 entry and cytopathic effects. Abstract 2020 0
33219126 Malgapo MIP et al. Metallo-β-Lactamase Domain-Containing Protein 2 (MBLAC2) is S-palmitoylated and exhibits acyl-CoA hydrolase activity. Abstract 2020 4
33189717 Ayewoh EN et al. S-acylation status of bile acid transporter hASBT regulates its function, metabolic stability, membrane expression, and phosphorylation state. Abstract 2020 1
33185190 Sanders SS et al. The palmitoyl acyltransferase ZDHHC14 controls Kv1-family potassium channel clustering at the axon initial segment. Abstract 2020 2