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Confidence level MC As defined in the original article. Please refer to it for more details.
ReferenceDumoulin A et al. (2018) []
Reference tableNA
OrganismMus musculus
Cell typeF11
Subcellular fractionTotal membrane
TechniquesABE (Acyl-Biotin Exchange), Cleavage of thioester bonds with NH2OH, Liquid Chromatography coupled to Mass Spectrometry
Other conditionsStimulated with 8-pCPT-cGMP
Number of hits10
Number of proteins10 Select all Deselect all
Hit_IDUniProt ACUniProt IDIsoformGene namesProtein also found in # palmitome studiesProtein also found in # targeted studies
SPalmH37796Q60875 ARHG2_MOUSENALfc, Lbcl1, Kiaa0651, Arhgef220
SPalmH37797P27546 MAP4_MOUSENAMtap4, Map440
SPalmH37798P11370 ENV2_MOUSENAEnv, Fv410
SPalmH37799P61804 DAD1_MOUSENADad130
SPalmH37800P14131 RS16_MOUSENARps1620
SPalmH37801Q8R173 ZDHC3_MOUSENAGramp1, Godz, Zdhhc355
SPalmH37802Q3UHN9 NDST1_MOUSENANdst100
SPalmH37803P47856 GFPT1_MOUSENAGfpt, Gfpt130
SPalmH37804Q80XR2 AT2C1_MOUSENAPmr1, Atp2c120
SPalmH37805Q9QXX4 CMC2_MOUSENAAralar2, Slc25a1320
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