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Confidence level
ReferenceWang J et al. (2019) []
Reference tableNA
OrganismMus musculus
Cell type3T3-L1
Subcellular fractionTotal membrane
TechniquesMass Spectrometry, Proximity-dependent Biotin Identification (BioID)
Other conditions
Number of hits9
Number of proteins9 Select all Deselect all
Hit_IDUniProt ACUniProt IDIsoformGene namesProtein also found in # palmitome studiesProtein also found in # targeted studies
SPalmH37815P51881 ADT2_MOUSENAAac2, Ant2, Slc25a5160
SPalmH37814Q8BX02 KANK2_MOUSENAAnkrd25, Kank220
SPalmH37813Q9QZQ1 AFAD_MOUSENAAf6, Mllt4, Afdn30
SPalmH37812Q99P72 RTN4_MOUSENANogo, Kiaa0886, Rtn4160
SPalmH37811Q91WL8 WWOX_MOUSENAWox1, Wwox00
SPalmH37810Q99N28 CADM3_MOUSENAEPB41L1, Tsll1, Syncam3, Necl1, Igsf4b, Cadm360
SPalmH37809Q9QUQ5 TRPC4_MOUSENAEPB41L2, Trrp4, Trpc400
SPalmH37808Q9WV92 E41L3_MOUSENAKiaa0987, Epb4.1l3, Dal1, Epb41l380
SPalmH37807Q60634 FLOT2_MOUSENADHHC5, M17s1, Esa1, Flot2213
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