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Confidence level LC As defined in the original article. Please refer to it for more details.
ReferenceZiemliĊ„ska E et al. (2021) []
Reference tableS2
OrganismMus musculus
Cell typeLiver
Subcellular fractionTotal membrane
TechniquesABE (Acyl-Biotin Exchange), Cleavage of thioester bonds with NH2OH, Liquid Chromatography coupled to Mass Spectrometry
Other conditions12-week mice
Number of hits21
Number of proteins21 Select all Deselect all
Hit_IDUniProt ACUniProt IDIsoformGene namesProtein also found in # palmitome studiesProtein also found in # targeted studies
SPalmH69540O55013 TPPC3_MOUSENABet3, Trappc3200
SPalmH69539P84104 SRSF3_MOUSENAX16, Srp20, Sfrs3, Srsf340
SPalmH69538Q920A5 RISC_MOUSENARisc, Scpep140
SPalmH69537Q8BL97 SRSF7_MOUSENASfrs7, Srsf740
SPalmH69536Q9Z211 PX11A_MOUSENAPex11a10
SPalmH69535Q8K310 MATR3_MOUSENAMatr340
SPalmH69534O35945 AL1A7_MOUSENAAldh-pb, Aldh1a730
SPalmH69533Q8QZY1 EIF3L_MOUSENAPaf67, Eif3s6ip, Eif3eip, Eif3l120
SPalmH69532Q91YQ5 RPN1_MOUSENARpn180
SPalmH69531Q9WV68 DECR2_MOUSENAPdcr, Decr220
SPalmH69530Q9QYF1 RDH11_MOUSENAPsdr1, Mdt1, Arsdr1, Rdh1130
SPalmH69529Q7TPR4 ACTN1_MOUSENAActn1110
SPalmH69528Q99KI0 ACON_MOUSENAAco2230
SPalmH69527P50544 ACADV_MOUSENAVlcad, Acadvl90
SPalmH69526P35492 HUTH_MOUSENAHuth, Hsd, Hal00
SPalmH69525Q8BSM7 LAT3_MOUSENALat3, Slc43a110
SPalmH69524Q91V92 ACLY_MOUSENAAcly160
SPalmH69523O35857 TIM44_MOUSENATim44, Mimt44, Timm4440
SPalmH69522P18242 CATD_MOUSENACtsd70
SPalmH69521Q80Y14 GLRX5_MOUSENAGlrx560
SPalmH69520Q91WB7 UBTD1_MOUSENAUbtd140
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