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ReferenceMartin BR et al. (2012)
Reference tableNA
OrganismMus musculus
Cell typeBW5147-derived mouse T-cell hybridoma cell
Subcellular fractionTotal membrane
TechniquesLabeling of substrate with 17-ODYA (17-octadecynoic acid)
Other conditionsNA
Number of hits8
Number of proteins8 Select all Deselect all
Hit_IDUniProt ACUniProt IDIsoformGene namesProtein also found in # palmitome studiesProtein also found in # targeted studies
SPalmH16296Q9D1H3 Q9D1H3_MOUSENA1110008E08Rik00
SPalmH16297Q8BGU5 CCNY_MOUSENACcny, Cfp1180
SPalmH16298P23780 BGAL_MOUSENAGlb1, Bgl, Glb-100
SPalmH16299P21279 GNAQ_MOUSENAGnaq273
SPalmH16300Q8BTX9 HSDL1_MOUSENAHsdl180
SPalmH16301Q8BWG9 CRCM1_MOUSENAOrai1, Cracm1, Tmem142a20
SPalmH16302P57791 FACE2_MOUSENARce1, Face2, Rce1a40
SPalmH16303Q9WTP2 SPY4_MOUSENASpry440
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