Hit list Shen LF et al. (2017) - ZDHHC13 substrates

Confidence level
ReferenceShen LF et al. (2017)
Reference tableNA
OrganismMus musculus
Cell typeLiver
Subcellular fractionTotal membrane
TechniquesAcyl RAC
Other conditionsNA
Involved DHHC-PATsQ9CWU2
Involved APTs
Number of hits16
Number of proteins16 Select all Deselect all
Hit_IDUniProt ACUniProt IDIsoformGene namesProtein also found in # palmitome studiesProtein also found in # targeted studies
SPalmH23395Q9R0H0 ACOX1_MOUSENAPaox, Acox, Acox180
SPalmH23394Q9R092 H17B6_MOUSENARdh8, Hsd17b9, Gm182, Hsd17b620
SPalmH23393Q9QZW0 AT11C_MOUSENAAtp11c80
SPalmH23392Q9QZI8 SERC1_MOUSENATms2, Tde2, Tde1l, Aigp2, Serinc180
SPalmH23391Q9QZE5 COPG1_MOUSENACopg, Copg1110
SPalmH23390Q9QZD8 DIC_MOUSENADic, Slc25a1070
SPalmH23389Q9QZC8 ABHD1_MOUSENALabh1, Abhd120
SPalmH23388Q9QYB1 CLIC4_MOUSENAClic470
SPalmH23387Q9QY30 ABCBB_MOUSENASpgp, Bsep, Abcb1120
SPalmH23402Q9Z2Z6 MCAT_MOUSENACact, Cac, Slc25a2040
SPalmH23401Q9Z1Z0 USO1_MOUSENAVdp, Uso1100
SPalmH23400Q9Z1P6 NDUA7_MOUSENANdufa770
SPalmH23399Q9WVK8 CP46A_MOUSENACyp46, Cyp46a110
SPalmH23398Q9WVJ2 PSD13_MOUSENAPsmd1390
SPalmH23397Q9WVD5 ORNT1_MOUSENAOrnt1, Slc25a1530
SPalmH23396Q9WU79 PROD_MOUSENAPro1, Prodh70
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