Comparison of palmitoyl-proteomes

This tool aims to compare multiple palmitoyl-proteomes, from the same or different species. In order to simplify the results, we decided to apply the comparison at the level of genes. To do so, UniProtKB/TrEMBL were merged to the corresponding UniProtKB/SwissProt entry. Hits reported from targeted studies are also reported if they are also found in palmitoyl-proteomes (0 palmitoyl-proteome studies).

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OrganismCell typeExperiments
Arabidopsis thaliana Heyn Col-4 ecotype root cell suspension 1SPalmE:15 Hemsley PA et al. (2013)* 
Homo sapiens 174 x CEM.T1 2SPalmE:529 Colquhoun DR et al. (2015)* 
Homo sapiens B-cell 3SPalmE:3 Ivaldi C et al. (2012)* 
Homo sapiens Brain 4SPalmE:698 Pinner AL et al. (2016)* 
Homo sapiens DU145 5SPalmE:1 Yang W et al. (2010)* , 6SPalmE:577 Yang W et al. (2010)* , 7SPalmE:578 Yang W et al. (2010)* 
Homo sapiens HEK293 8SPalmE:5 Forrester MT et al. (2011)* , 9SPalmE:619 Peng T et al. (2015)* , 10SPalmE:620 Peng T et al. (2015)* 
Homo sapiens HUVEC 11SPalmE:184 Wei X et al. (2013)* 
Homo sapiens Jurkat 12SPalmE:6 Martin BR et al. (2009)* , 13SPalmE:7 Wilson JP et al. (2011)* , 14SPalmE:506 Morrison E et al. (2015)* 
Homo sapiens MCF7 15SPalmE:723 Hernandez JL et al. (2016)* 
Homo sapiens Platelet 16SPalmE:2 Dowal L et al. (2011)* 
Homo sapiens Primary CD4 + T cells 17SPalmE:505 Morrison E et al. (2015)* 
Homo sapiens RPE-1 18SPalmE:504 Serwa RA et al. (2015)* 
Homo sapiens SW480 19SPalmE:724 Fang C et al. (2016)* 
Homo sapiens Umbilical vein blood 20SPalmE:4 Marin EP et al. (2012)* 
Mus musculus 3T3-L1 and epididymal fat pads 21SPalmE:9 Ren W et al. (2013)* 
Mus musculus BW5147-derived mouse T-cell hybridoma cell 22SPalmE:12 Martin BR et al. (2012)* 
Mus musculus Brain 23SPalmE:119 Wan J et al. (2013)* 
Mus musculus DC2.4 24SPalmE:507 Chesarino NM et al. (2014)* 
Mus musculus Dendritic cell 25SPalmE:10 Yount JS et al. (2010)* 
Mus musculus Forebrain 26SPalmE:903 Collins MO et al. (2017)* 
Mus musculus Liver 27SPalmE:540 Gould NS et al. (2015)* , 28SPalmE:855 Shen LF et al. (2017)* , 29SPalmE:993 Shen LF et al. (2017)* 
Mus musculus MEF 30SPalmE:508 Chesarino NM et al. (2014)* 
Mus musculus Macrophage Raw 264.7 31SPalmE:8 Merrick BA et al. (2011)* , 32SPalmE:908 Sobocińska J et al. (2017)* , 33SPalmE:909 Thinon E et al. (2016)* , 34SPalmE:919 Sobocińska J et al. (2017)* , 35SPalmE:920 Sobocińska J et al. (2017)* 
Mus musculus Neural stem cell 36SPalmE:11 Li Y et al. (2012)* 
Neosartorya fumigata (strain CEA10 / CBS 144.89 / FGSC A1163) Conidia 37SPalmE:829 Upadhyay S et al. (2016)* 
Plasmodium falciparum (isolate 3D7) Whole organism 38SPalmE:162 Jones ML et al. (2012)* , 39SPalmE:580 Jones ML et al. (2012)* 
Rattus norvegicus Brain 40SPalmE:906 Edmonds MJ et al. (2017)* , 41SPalmE:907 Edmonds MJ et al. (2017)* 
Rattus norvegicus Cortical neuron 42SPalmE:13 Kang R et al. (2008)* 
Saccharomyces cerevisiae (strain ATCC 204508 / S288c) Isogenic LRB759 43SPalmE:14 Roth AF et al. (2006)* 
Schizosaccharomyces pombe Whole organism 44SPalmE:160 Zhang MM et al. (2013)* 
Toxoplasma gondii whole parasite lysates 45SPalmE:902 Caballero MC et al. (2016)*